4 Signs Your Child Needs To See The Dentist

Most children should see the dentist twice per year for regular checkups and cleaning appointments. This ensures that most dental problems are detected early when they are easy to manage and treat. However, there may still be some dental problems that emerge between appointments. Here are four signs your child needs to see the dentist before it becomes time for their next regular checkup. 1. Toothaches If your child complains about a toothache or pain in a tooth, do not put off seeing the dentist.

Protecting Your Child's Teeth From Decay

If your child has started to develop cavities, you are probably concerned about their oral health. A cavity is caused by decay and can grow in size until the entire tooth structure is compromised. Decay begins as acids released by the bacteria in your child's mouth demineralize the enamel of the little one's teeth. The enamel is the hardest layer of a tooth and is comprised of multiple minerals, including calcium and phosphorous.

3 Tips For Reducing Anxiety When Visiting Your Dentist

Do you dread having to go get your teeth checked out? Do you wish that there was some way that you could skip going to the dentist entirely? Unfortunately, in order to have healthy teeth, going to the dentist is something that is necessary on a yearly basis, at the very least. But what you may not realize is that it doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. While you may never look forward to getting a dental checkup, there are things that you can do to help make your next visit more comfortable.

Understanding Advanced Osseodensification

Implant dentistry, just like other forms of dentistry, has been evolving and improving over the recent years. Osseodensification is one of the relatively recent inventions of the implant dentistry that is revolutionizing the industry, and it pays to know more about it. The Problem or Background Since a dental implant introduces an artificial material into your mouth, the dentist has to find a way to create room for the material. Traditionally, for you to get a dental implant, the dentist had to cut out some pieces of your jawbone to create the required room.

What Factors Should You Look For In A Pediatric Dentist?

It is time to introduce your child to family dentistry. The kind of pediatric dentist you choose will shape your child's view of dentists and oral health for life. You want that experience to be pleasant and positive. Pediatric dentists have the same basic qualification as other dentists but have undergone an extra two years of specialized training in oral care for children and teens. So what do you look for in a pediatric dentist?