Have Yellow, Stained, And Spotted Teeth? Call An Oral Health Professional Today

Do you keep getting spots and discoloration on your teeth even though you whiten them at home? If so, it's time to see a dentist to get to the bottom of the problem, and to whiten your teeth to your desire.

There could be a variety of things that are causing the discoloration every day. Make an appointment for a regular cleaning and check-up, and from there you can talk about the following things.

Causes of the Staining and Discoloration

You want to know what is causing the staining and discoloration so you can stop it from happening. Some common causes can be:

  • Hard minerals in well water
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Toothpaste or rinse
  • Nail biting
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Recreational drug use
  • Smoking

These are just some of the things that could be ruining the color of your teeth. Your dentist or hygienist will be able to talk with you to get to the bottom of the problem.

Treatment to Whiten the Teeth

There are different options for whitening treatment that you can get from a dental office. There are whitening kits to take home, and these will include a mouthpiece and gel. You will use the gel regularly to whiten the teeth gradually.

The dentist may also suggest laser bleaching. This is where you will sit in a chair with eye protection, and lasers will be used to deliver fast whitening results. Talk with the dentist about the current condition of your teeth, and what is the best and more affordable option for you.

Staining Prevention

A reason that the teeth may be easily stained is that the enamel on the teeth has worn down. This not only makes the teeth vulnerable to staining, but this could also be causing sensitivity, an increase in cavities, and other oral health complications. The dentists may want to seal the teeth, and then prescribe products to specifically tackle this problem.

About 37 million Americans are choosing to whiten their teeth annually, so you don't want to draw attention to yourself for being the person who has yellow, stained, or spotted teeth. Make an appointment with a local oral health provider such as Mark A. Massa, DDS, Inc to get a regular cleaning, so the dentist can examine what is going on, and help you start treating the teeth and getting them whiter. This may take some time to get to the brightness that you want, but the experts will be the way to go.