What Is Prognathism And How To Treat The Condition?

Definition of Prognathism Prognathism, or Habsburg jaw, is a face abnormality that causes the jaws to protrude. Prognathism results from the upper teeth covering the lower ones or vice versa, making it difficult to chew, breathe, or speak. Additionally, prognathism can lead to speech development problems in children. For instance, kids may experience poor word pronunciation or lisp development. Besides, your child's permanent teeth may grow at the wrong angle. Prognathism occurs in the following ways:

Specialties Of Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons address a wide array of problems, many of which normal dentists cannot fix.  In order to gain all of the necessary skills, oral surgeons have to go through many more years of schooling and training than dentists.  While dentists just have to pass licensure exam to practice in their area after completing their schooling, oral surgeons also have to complete an additional four-to-six-year surgical residency.  This allows them to gain important hands-on experience while still being under the watchful eye of a more accomplished mentor.

4 Things To Keep In Mind After Orthodontic Treatment

Braces are a long-term commitment that requires discipline and care on a daily basis, both during and after treatment. If you plan to undergo orthodontic treatment, then you may be wondering what comes after. However, even after your orthodontic treatment ends, you still need to remain disciplined. By keeping the following points in mind, you'll be ready to care for your newly straightened teeth once your braces finally come off.