How Your Smoking Can Impact Your Oral Health

Are you trying to quit your smoking habit? Some people cite the look of their teeth as the reason they decided to quit smoking. While preserving your smile is a great reason to quit smoking, there are more serious health reasons as to why you should consider a smoking cessation program. When it comes to oral health, smoking can have a profound and lasting impact. Here are just a few ways smoking can impact your teeth and gums.

Caring For Dental Implants: 3 Little-Known Tips To Help Your Implants Last

If you are getting dental implants soon, then you are likely looking forward to finally having a healthy, beautiful smile again. While dental implants serve the same function as natural teeth and even look like them, it is important to remember that they are not made of the same substances that your natural teeth are. For that reason, they need to be cared for a little differently to help them last.

How To Establish Excellent Dental Health For Your Children

It's pretty common knowledge that poor dental health equals poor general health. In fact, studies have shown that dental problems can lead to more serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. When you teach your children how important it is for them to establish excellent dental hygiene, you'll be doing them a huge service.     At Home - It's easy to remind your kids to brush and floss, but that doesn't mean it really gets done.

Making The Transition Into Dentures Easier

One of the scariest aspects of having all of your upper teeth removed is knowing that you will be living the rest of your life with dentures. What happens if you can't get used to having a foreign object in your mouth? Will the denture look natural? It's downright scary not knowing how your life will be after the oral surgery. Well, fortunately, for most people, it is not much different than the life you are living now – possibly even better since you won't be dealing with the dental pain those bad teeth are causing you.

3 Common Dental Problems For Meth Users

You may have seen pictures of what is known as "meth mouth," or you might have suffered from severe dental issues due to your own drug use. However, other than knowing that the teeth certainly don't look like they are supposed to, you might not realize what is really going on in the average meth user's mouth. These are a few common dental problems for individuals who use drugs like meth, particularly those who use them regularly.