2 Oral Health Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

If you have a few teeth missing, you may be looking at your options for filling in the gaps to improve your smile. Because of their permanency and low maintenance after the procedure, you may be seriously looking into getting dental implants instead of other options such as dentures.

However, if you are still on the fence, you should know that implants do more for your teeth than improve their appearance and make it easier for you to eat. There are also a couple of oral health benefits that come with getting dental implants.

1. Fills in Gaps to Help Prevent Shifting of Your Natural Teeth to Keep Them Straight

One way that dental implants help your overall oral health is that they fill the gaps in your teeth that can lead to them shifting. Without a tooth to stabilize the adjacent teeth, they will shift and become crooked.

When the teeth shift, this issue does more than cause a crooked smile. The pressure of the shifted teeth will start to wear down the enamel of those they are leaning toward. The worn enamel can lead to cavities and tooth decay, making it necessary to pull the affected teeth in the future and creating more gaps. When implants are inserted, however, they help to prevent the shifts and keep the teeth straight so that they do not put a strain on the ones next to them.

2. Helps Strengthen the Bones Left Weakened and Vulnerable by the Missing Teeth

Another benefit that implants have on your oral health is that they help to strengthen the bones. When there are gaps in your teeth, the underlying bone will start to become weak and fragile, increasing the risk of bone tissue breakdown and damage.

As part of the procedure, the implant posts are inserted into the jawbone. As the bones heal, they become stronger and are able to stabilize, helping to prevent further weakening of the bone that can lead to serious issues.

When you fill the gaps in your teeth with dental implants, they do more than improve your smile and ability to eat your favorite foods. They also help to keep your teeth from shifting to keep them straight and minimize the strain placed on the enamel. The implants also strengthen the bones that have been left weakened and vulnerable by the missing teeth. For more information, contact a clinic like Rigby Dental.