Oral Health Tips To Maintain White Teeth

If you want the whitest teeth possible, then think about asking your dentist about the cosmetic treatments available to you. Dental whitening treatments are an option for most people, and professional whitening can be completed every three months or more. After the whitening, there are a few oral health tips that you can follow at home to keep your smile looking as white as possible.

Floss Your Teeth

If you skip the dental floss, then your teeth may start to look stained well before it's time for your next tooth whitening treatment. This is due to the plaque that builds up on the teeth. Typically, plaque builds along the gum line and between the teeth where your toothbrush is likely to miss accumulated food debris. 

Flossing is best completed daily and you want to do it right before bed. This helps to clean the mouth as thoroughly as possible before you sleep since plaque can and will form while you rest. To floss properly, you need to scrape along the side of each tooth. Use your forefinger and thumb to hold the dental floss. Work the floss between each tooth and pull it tight against each side of the tooth as your work the floss up and down. Curve the floss just underneath the gums as well to ensure the gumline is clean. 

Once you floss, you should rinse your mouth out with water. For the most thorough rinse of loose food bits, think about utilizing a water flosser.

Brush Gently

The enamel is the bright white part of the tooth that you need to maintain to keep your teeth looking their best. And, when your teeth are whitened, staining is released from this enamel. As a result, the enamel will be a bit softer and more sensitive to pressure. The soft enamel can be damaged more easily and this can lead to more staining.

This means that you should be gentle when brushing your teeth to minimize damage. If you are an aggressive brusher, think about using an electronic toothbrush. Many models have automatic shutoffs if you apply too much pressure to the teeth. 

If you want to use your regular toothbrush, think about slowing down the speed that you brush your teeth. Faster brushing often leads to more pressure. You can also think about holding your toothbrush at the end of the handle to help maintain lighter pressure.

To learn more about oral health tips to maintain white teeth, speak with your cosmetic dentist.