3 Benefits of Implant Dentistry

For the longest time, the only treatment options for missing teeth were teeth dentures and bridges that most people preferred not to invest in because they felt foreign in one's mouth. But thanks to improvements in dental care, you no longer have to live with missing teeth due to infections or injuries. Through implant dentistry, you can get tooth root replacements that provide strong foundations for artificial teeth. Continue reading to learn the benefits of getting teeth implants.

Prevents Bone Loss

Since your jaw bone's main role is to hold your teeth in place, you need a full set of teeth to maintain the bone mass in your jaw. The existence of all a complete dentition ensures the jaw bone is constantly stimulated to support your dental system.

However, when you lose some teeth, the stimulation in those areas dies down and the bone mass in your jaw bone begins to reduce. To re-ignite the stimulation, you need tooth replacements that can mimic your natural teeth for there to be an actual teeth-jaw connection that helps maintain bone mass.

Thankfully, dental plants successfully replace the jaw bone stimulation, ensuring you don't lose sections of your jaw bone. You get to maintain a strong jaw bone well into old age.

Get Replacements that Match Your Natural Teeth

The reason why most people decided to live with missing teeth in the past was because the tooth replacement options available at the time were too artificial. Having dentures or bridges was quite uncomfortable because they were loose and could easily fall out.

But in today's modern times, you can't tell if someone has artificial teeth because it's impossible to tell them apart from natural teeth. And aside from maintaining your dentition's appearance, tooth implants also ensure you have a comfortable oral environment that allows you to be yourself.  

Restores Bite Force

One of the challenges you face when you lose some teeth is you won't be able to bite and chew food like you used to. You might even have to stop eating certain foods because you don't have the teeth required to break them down.

Aside from this being frustrating, it also limits your diet, preventing your body from getting all the nourishing nutrients it requires to stay healthy. But thanks to implant dentistry, you can get artificial teeth replacements that are properly anchored into your jaw, allowing you to bite and chew all your favorite foods like you used to before losing your teeth. Restored bite force enables you to enjoy a balanced diet that keeps you healthy and happy.

If you have missing teeth, this is your cue to consult with an implant dentist for a lasting solution.