Making Your Smile Bright And Attractive: Counting The Ways

Everyone wants to have an attractive smile, but some don't realize that their ideal smile is only as far as away as their local dental office. More and more family dentists offer patients a myriad of dental cosmetic treatments without having to go to a specialist. To find out what your family dentist can do for your smile, read on.

Get Whiter Teeth

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and toothpaste are widely available but none of that will help you obtain a brighter smile in a short time. You can achieve a change of several shades lighter in only a few visits with your dentist and the results are dramatic.

Overcome Stained and Broken Teeth

Veneers are incredibly thin layers of resin or porcelain applied to the fronts of your teeth. This quick and easy solution can help you fix chips, gaps, discolorations, and more. The veneer process is non-invasive as they are cemented to the surface of your natural teeth and can last for several years.


If a veneer is not quite what you need, consider bonding. Bonding materials can be manipulated to form any shape so they can be used not only for more natural-looking filling material but can change the shape of teeth, fill in gaps, cover stains, and more. Bonding is entirely pain-free and fast.

Fill in a Lost Tooth

Regardless of the reason for the loss, missing teeth can create a hazard for your mouth and ruin your smile. Implants offer patients a worry-free way to fill in that blank spot with something that looks just like your natural tooth. Implants require minor surgery and some patients need a bone graft before they get the implant.

Put a Crown On It

If a tooth problem is not suitable for bonding or veneers, your dentist might suggest a crown. The crown is created to slip over your natural, damaged tooth and is cemented into place thus their other name – caps. Crowns offer an inexpensive way to strengthen a natural tooth that may be too weak to stand on its own.

Consider the Affordability of Dentures

If you have more than one or two missing teeth, dentures could be right for you. You can replace just a few teeth or an entire mouth for a relatively inexpensive outlay. Dentures must be removed for cleaning each night and they occasionally need to have some minor maintenance done on them.

Bridging the Gap

Finally, bridges help those who don't need dentures but don't want (or cannot have) implants. A bridge is a false tooth suspended between two healthy teeth on either side with wires. They work best in the back of your mouth since the wires can sometimes be seen.

Talk to your family dentist for more information about the above treatments that can transform your smile.