Add Cosmetic Dentistry To Your Plan For Reversing Signs Of Aging So You Look As Young As You Feel

If you're approaching your senior years or if you just look older than you feel, you may be considering cosmetic treatments that help you look younger. Dermal fillers, lifts, and skin treatments can do wonders for your face, but you don't want to overlook your teeth. Your teeth can make you look older than you want to since teeth change with age and can take on an old-age appearance. A cosmetic dentist can improve the look of your smile so your teeth look as young and vibrant as the rest of you. Here are some treatments that could help.

Replace Missing Teeth

A gap in your teeth can ruin your smile, and it can also cause your face to look sunken. A full set of teeth provides the best support for your facial skin and also provides you with the best support for eating a healthy diet, which can lead to a well-nourished body and skin. Plus, replacing a missing tooth is good for holding your other teeth in place so they don't get out of alignment as you get older. Missing teeth can be replaced with a dental implant, partial denture, or bridge. Your dentist can discuss the best option for you and how replacing one tooth or more will fit into your overall smile makeover.

Make Teeth Whiter

Even if you have all of your teeth and they are in good shape, your smile will still look older if your teeth are gray or yellow due to age. Teeth naturally discolor as you age, so one way to look younger is to have your teeth whitened. You may not want blinding white teeth, so your dentist can help you choose an age-appropriate color that is shades lighter than your teeth are now. This might be done with a laser teeth whitening procedure or by putting on veneers. Veneers might be chosen if your teeth need improvements to their shape also.

Make Teeth Straighter

There is no age limit on wearing braces. If your teeth are getting out of alignment, then your cosmetic dentist might recommend braces. Removable, clear trays might be a good option rather than traditional metal braces. First, your dentist may look at other options since veneers can often improve the shape of your teeth much quicker than braces. Tooth contouring or even gum surgery might also help improve the appearance of your teeth so they have a uniform length and spacing. Gum surgery might be needed if your gums have receded with age.

Problems with your gums can affect your smile just as much as problems with your teeth, so your dentist will examine your mouth and devise a smile restoration plan that makes you feel good about your appearance no matter what your age.