Four Tactics For Managing Mild Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from such terrible dental anxiety that you have not seen the dentist for years, you will want to see a therapist for treatment. However, if you would classify your anxiety as more minor, and perhaps more as worry than actual anxiety, it is an issue you can fight on your own. But how? Here are a few tactics that can help make seeing the dentist a less worrisome, anxiety-inducing experience.

1. Find a dentist office where you feel comfortable. 

Consider driving around to a few dental offices in your area. Step inside, and see how they each make you feel. Each office will have a different color scheme and aura, and there may be some where you automatically feel more relaxed and at-ease than at others. If you feel relaxed and at-ease in the waiting area, you will start your actual procedure with less anxiety. Even if it means switching dentists, book your appointment at an office where you feel comfortable.

2. Tell people about your anxiety.

Do you have friends who are notorious for being able to calm people down? Consider telling them about your dental concerns. Sometimes, saying what you're concerned about out loud helps you realize how silly it actually is. Plus, your friend can remind you that your worries are silly, too! Do avoid telling anyone who tends to be over-dramatic about your dental worries, as they may just corroborate your concerns and make them worse.

3. Educate yourself.

What is it about dentistry that worries you? Are you concerned about pain during a certain treatment? Are you worried that you might accidentally bite down on the dentist's finger? Educating yourself about dentistry related to your fears can help get rid of them. Look for videos on YouTube made by actual dentists, and learn a bit more. Reading books on the topic can help, too! The more you know, the less there is to worry about. 

4. Bring a stress ball.

During the actual dental treatment, having something to distract yourself is so important. Consider bringing a stress ball with you, and holding it in your hand as your dentist works. Whenever you find yourself thinking about what's going on in your mouth, refocus on your hand and on the stress ball. 

If you implement the tips above, you should be able to make it through dental appointments with less worry and a more calm, relaxed demeanor. Contact a dental office like ComfortCare  Dental for more help.