Understanding Advanced Osseodensification

Implant dentistry, just like other forms of dentistry, has been evolving and improving over the recent years. Osseodensification is one of the relatively recent inventions of the implant dentistry that is revolutionizing the industry, and it pays to know more about it.

The Problem or Background

Since a dental implant introduces an artificial material into your mouth, the dentist has to find a way to create room for the material. Traditionally, for you to get a dental implant, the dentist had to cut out some pieces of your jawbone to create the required room. Although it leads to successful dental implant treatment, a serious problem with this approach is that it weakens the jawbone. This increases the risk of complications, especially if your jawbone was a bit weak to begin with.

The Solution

Advanced ossenoensification is a dental procedure that eliminates the need for cutting out part of your jawbone to insert an implant. In this case, the dentist pushes away bone materials from the site on which the implant is to be inserted. The bone is pushed outwards, rather than removed, leaving the site ready for insertion and compacting the surrounding bone mass.

The Benefits

Advances in osseodensification has several benefits over the traditional implant treatment, for example:

It Strengthens the Surrounding Jawbone

As previously discussed, advanced osseodensification treatment pushes the bone materials outwards, which compacts the surrounding bone. The increased density of the surrounding bone strengthens it, and this is a great advantage if the bone was weak, to begin with. Even if your jawbone wasn't weak before the treatment, further strengthening is still an advantage because it leads to high initial implant stability, which increases the success rates of dental implants.

It is Relatively Inexpensive

Another advantage of this technique is that it is inexpensive as compared to the practice of cutting out some tissues out of your jawbone. This makes sense given that advanced osseodensificaion is not as invasive as cutting out some of your bone tissues.

It Accelerates the Healing Process

Lastly, you will also love advanced osseodensificaion because, with it, your dental implant will heal faster than the conventional dental implant technique. This is understandable given that osseodensificaion strengthens the surrounding jawbone and leads to high initial implant stability. The accelerated healing also occurs because osseodensification minimizes tissue damage during implant treatment.

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