What Factors Should You Look For In A Pediatric Dentist?

It is time to introduce your child to family dentistry. The kind of pediatric dentist you choose will shape your child's view of dentists and oral health for life. You want that experience to be pleasant and positive.

Pediatric dentists have the same basic qualification as other dentists but have undergone an extra two years of specialized training in oral care for children and teens. So what do you look for in a pediatric dentist?

The Ambiance/Environment of the Office

Is it child friendly? Look at the color scheme and décor. Are they likely to please children? What about the entertainment? Look at the toys, books, and TV programs. How organized is the practice?

Tools and Equipment

The tools and equipment should also be child-friendly. Look out for items like colorful sunglasses and character toothbrushes. Are the tools and equipment the right size for kids? Does the dentist have the necessary equipment to deal with children with special needs such as ASD?

Human Relations

Observe how your pediatric dentist interacts with children. Visiting the dentist is already stressful enough. You want a dentist who is good with children and knows how to handle even the most troublesome kids. You need someone who can make them feel relaxed, smile, or even laugh. Check out the staff as well. Are they friendly and attentive? Do you feel that your child is getting personalized attention?

Experience, Education & Competence

Find out the pediatric dentists' educational background and training. Where did they go to school? Have they undergone specialty training? Are they up to date with the latest developments in the field? Which professional associations does the dentist belong to?

They should be knowledgeable in different pediatric procedures, both the basic and the complex.

Location & Hours

Consider the location of the practice. Is it within driving distance or will you have to cover long distances to get there? Also check their opening and closing hours to see if they are convenient for your family. Is the practice open in the evenings and on weekends?


Do they offer the services you need? One family member may have special needs. If they cannot be offered here, you may have to keep looking.


What are people saying about the dentist? Remember to get recommendations from friends and family as well. They will be talking from experience.

Your family dental clinic should be a comfortable place for all family members, including children. Find a pediatric dentist who is qualified, competent, and experienced.