What Can Be Done About Kids' Teeth Stains

Mom and Dad, do your kids' teeth have stains? Do you often feel embarrassed when they smile? If so, you're not alone.

Maintaining your kid's teeth can be a challenge, but with proper care, they can remain clean and healthy. Consider a daily cleaning routine and ensure regular visits to a provider of general dentistry for kids. These steps can save you a lot of frustration and long-term costs.

So how can you prevent stains on your kid's teeth? First, you need to understand the causes then take the necessary preventative steps. If your kid already has stains, don't worry. There are several treatments available.

Food and Drinks

Do your kids drink a lot of soda or dark colored juices? Do they love cranberries or grapes? These foods contain acids and excessive amounts of pigments and sugars that can cause stains on their teeth. To prevent this from happening, rinse their mouth with water after consumption.

Teeth Trauma

If your kid's tooth has been damaged, you may notice it has a grayish color.  This may happen if the damage is near or on a nerve. If the damage is with your kid's first set of teeth, you can have your family dentist, like those at Pedodontic Associates Inc, extract them. New permanent ones will eventually grow in their place. But, if the issue is with their adult teeth, consider dental implants. No matter the situation, your family dentist can treat it.

Fluoride Consumption

The abundant consumption of fluoride in tap water or toothpaste may cause brown spots or white streaks on your kid's teeth.  This damage is irreversible if too much fluoride is consumed in your kid's early years when the teeth are being formed. Choose a fluoride-free toothpaste for your kid, or use a pea size amount of your regular toothpaste.

Medical Reasons

Was your kid born with jaundice or heart disease, or have they suffered from recurring infections? It is likely that he or she can be at risk for teeth discoloration. Other causes include large amounts of iron intake and genetic disorders such as dentinogenesis imperfecta. Your family dentist can suggest a tooth whitening treatment that is suitable for your kid.

You are ultimately responsible the care of your kids' teeth. With proper maintenance at home, you can avoid the existence of stains. Also ensure your kid has regular checkups with your family dentist who can properly diagnose the cause for the stains and prescribe the most suitable treatment.

Get your kid smiling brightly again!