Wedding Ready: Simple Hygiene Tasks To Help You Look And Feel Your Best

If you're planning a wedding, you have plenty of tasks on your mind. From choosing the guests list to picking a caterer, there are tons of details to attend to. In the hustle and bustle, don't forget to plan for yourself. Your wedding will be a day to remember, and you'll have plenty of pictures and videos documenting the event. Every bride wants to look her best at her wedding. Here are some simple hygiene tasks to plan for that can help your natural beauty shine through on the big day. 


Smiling with confidence will make a huge difference in the beauty of your wedding pictures. Many people feel self-conscious about their smiles. You can choose a whitening kit from the store if you have the time, but if you are short on time, talk to your dentist about professional whitening options that require only two or three sessions at the doctor's office.

Be warned, however. Once you've completed one whitening kit, it's important to wait for over a year before using the same kit again. Time it well so your teeth are white for your wedding day. You can make the whitening treatment last longer by reducing how much coffee, wine, and other tooth-staining foods you eat each day. You might brush your teeth right after drinking morning coffee to help stave off eventual yellowing. 

For more information on tooth whitening, contact a dentist in your area.  


Many brides like to get their nails manicured before their wedding. You can help make the manicure process easily by treating your hands gently in the months leading up to your wedding. Prevent hangnails by moisturizing your skin and nail beds daily. Make your nails stronger by taking a multi-vitamin. Weak or brittle nails are often caused by a slight nutrient deficiency. 


Your hair might be one of the most important parts of your wedding day look. Sometimes, hair takes the brunt of a lot of abuse and becomes damaged. Damages include splitting from heat treatments or sun exposure, brittleness from hair dyes, and thinness for high buns and tight pony-tails. All of these problems can be fixed with time and proper care. In the months working up to your wedding, consider:

  1. Color correction. For those who have dyed their hair multiple times, color correction can help your hair to lose the dull, brassy look that can come from using drugstore box dyes and too many bleaching treatments. Color correction will restore your hair to a natural, rich hue. 
  2. Deep conditioning. Deep conditioning can help to tame frizziness and brittleness than comes from damage. Some of your hair's natural moisture and softness can be restored again. It can take few weeks of hair treatments, so make sure you start with enough time to get the look you want. 
  3. Cutting your hair. Don't do any drastic hair changes in the months before your wedding. It takes time to get to know a new hair style, so doing your hair for your wedding could be more challenging. Instead, get a cut about a month before your wedding so ends and bangs have time to settle in and look natural again.


Finally, you should consider your skin. Avoid tanning, as this is harmful for your health. If you want to get a darker skin tone, start looking for a self-tanning lotion that provides a natural golden tone. Moisturize your skin daily in the weeks before your wedding. Clean up your diet to remove inflammatory foods like sugar, and instead increase fruits and vegetables to bring health to your skin and reduce the chance of breakouts.