Working With The Teeth You Have

General tooth care for many people consists of brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. The type of products doesn't even really matter as long as they are quality products. However, some people have teeth that require more specialized care because they don't have your average teeth or they have other health concerns that can affect their teeth in different ways. If you are a person in this situation, then you want to have a better understanding of the different things you should be doing for your teeth.

If you have thinner than normal enamel

If the enamel on your teeth is thinner than what most people have, then you probably have darker than normal teeth that can't be whitened using traditional whitening methods. You may have to go with more drastic measures to get white teeth like having porcelain veneers put on them. You'll also want to work closely with your dentist to figure out how much calcium and fluoride you should have. You should use soft bristle tooth brushes and stick with manual ones instead of electric ones so you aren't too rough on your teeth. Make sure you avoid hard foods and don't use your teeth to open any packages, even ones that seem easy to open with them.

If you have gap teeth

If you have teeth that have larger than average gaps between them then you may want to consider having braces put on, wearing clear aligners, or even having the gaps closed by having porcelain veneers put on your teeth. You should also use a water flosser instead of regular floss because it will do a better job of cleaning the entire sides of your teeth. Be careful not to eat certain foods, such as tortilla chips, that can get lodged up near your gums and cause abrasions to your gums.

If you have diabetes

If you have diabetes, then your teeth are going to be more at risk of developing problems and so will your gums. You'll need to take some extra precautions to prevent issues. When you have diabetes, you should be brushing about a half hour after every meal you eat and after any drink that has sugars or acids in it. The reason for waiting a half an hour is so your enamel isn't damaged if the foods have softened it. For many reasons, including your teeth, keep your sugar levels as close to normal as possible. Use an antiseptic mouthwash once a day. See your dentist anytime you see or feel anything out of sorts with your teeth or mouth.

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