Keep Your Relationship Healthy By Focusing on Your Oral Health

Open communication, trust, and romance might be the foundation of a healthy relationship, but don't overlook oral health. Poor oral-hygiene habits lead to bad breath and tooth loss. These issues don't just impact your appearance, but they can also influence your confidence, and this can spill over into your relationship and cause problems. Don't let an oral-health issue wreak havoc on your relationship.

Foul Odors

Did you decide to have an onion sandwich for lunch? If the answer is yes, less than pleasant-smelling breath should be expected. However, if your partner constantly nudges you about a bad odor, there is a deeper problem taking place. Periodontal disease is one likely culprit.

This condition, commonly known as gum disease, is the result of excessive plaque buildup that has settled around the gum line. In the early stages, you can reverse this condition by ensuring you're brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings to prevent a buildup. This won't just improve your health; it will also make you a more pleasant kisser.  

Alignment Concerns

Beauty may only be skin deep, but most people care about their appearance. When an individual has a missing or misaligned tooth, they generally smile less, are more reserved, and have an overall lower sense of self-confidence. These traits can affect interaction and intimacy with your partner in a negative way.

There are measures to help you improve your smile. For an alignment concern, braces can help, and for a missing tooth, dentures or implants are solutions. By your improving your outward appearance, your confidence will bloom and your partner can once again recognize the inner beauty that they were first attracted to.


Like foul-smelling breath, a mouth full of discolored teeth isn't always the most welcoming environment. If your partner is =hesitant to kiss you, tooth discoloration may be the reason why. First, eliminate those bad habits that likely lead to the discoloration. Excessive red wine, tea and coffee drinking, and tobacco usage are common culprits.

You can then have your teeth whitened by your dental provider. This treatment combined with your efforts will help yield more significant and lasting results. If your teeth are severely stained, keep in mind that several sessions may be necessary to achieve the results you want.

An oral-health concern should be the last thing impacting your relationship. Focus your efforts and improve your health and your relationship by making an appointment with a dentistry such as The Family Dentist.