2 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home Without An Over-The-Counter Kit

Are you looking for more ways to whiten your teeth? Like most people, you probably prefer the look of white teeth. Still, you may be concerned that over-the-counter whitening applications could eventually lead to severe dental sensitivity. 

Over-the-counter products usually only cause sensitivity when they are used too often or not as prescribed. Nevertheless, there are ways to whiten your teeth at home without using an over-the-counter kit. Here are a few of them:

Baking Soda and Peroxide

Baking soda and peroxide can be mixed together to create a whitening paste that can be applied with your toothbrush. The mixture is effective because of the whitening power of each of its components. The baking soda, which is slightly coarse in texture, polishes dental discoloration from the teeth. The peroxide, however, uses a different mechanism to whiten the teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide removes dental stains by bleaching them away. The release of the oxygen that causes the solution to bubble helps bleach the teeth. 

As an added bonus, peroxide helps kill the bacteria in your mouth. In addition, the baking soda helps neutralize bacterial acid that causes tooth decay.

After brushing with a baking soda and peroxide mixture, you can simply rinse your mouth as usual.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also safely whiten your teeth. The oil can be brushed onto the teeth with a toothbrush, or it can be swished around your mouth. As the oil makes contact with your teeth, it helps to dissolve oil-based stains to make them easier to brush away.

The oil can easily be added to your toothbrush, because it is often a solid at room temperature. However, it will become liquid as it is warmed by your mouth.

When you use the oil as a mouth rinse, it accumulates and traps bacteria as it is moved about your oral cavity. Thus, the used oil should not be swallowed. Instead, release it into a trash receptacle when you feel the need to spit. The longer the oil remains in your mouth, the more microbes and dental stains it can eliminate.

After swishing with coconut oil, you can brush with your usual toothpaste. It is best to reserve rinsing with coconut oil for the early morning before brushing your teeth. If you rinse during the day, try to wait at least a couple of hours after eating.

To learn more ways to safely whiten your teeth, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at a dental office like Suncoast Dental Center in your area.