Three Bad Habits To Break Before You Have Your Veneers Put On

Veneers provide a simple, safe way to transform your smile. However, they can be costly, so once you have them put on, you want to do all that you can to keep them in good shape and prevent cracking, staining and chips. Unfortunately, a lot of people have bad habits that cause damage to their veneers. If you have any of these habits, it's best to break them before your veneer application appointment.

Biting your nails or other hard objects.

While you should be able to eat more anything (with the exception of crunching on hard candies and ice) with your veneers on, you don't want to be biting at hard, non-food objects like your nails or plastic packaging. Doing so can chip your veneers, and once the veneers are chipped, you'll need to have them replaced. If you're a nail biter, work on breaking that habit now. Some tips that may help include:

  • Getting a manicure so you are inspired not to bite your nails and ruin its look
  • Wearing gloves around the house
  • Making yourself put money in a jar whenever you bite your nails, and then giving that money away

Grinding your teeth.

Do you wake up with a sore jaw? Has your partner told you that you grind your teeth at night? While this is not healthy for people even without veneers, it's a habit that will quickly damage your veneers once you get them put on. Some ways to address nighttime tooth grinding include:

  • Engaging in relaxing activities, like meditation and yoga, before bedtime. (Grinding is often perpetuated by stress.)
  • Being fitted for a mouthguard by your dentist. (The mouthguard will provide padding so that if you do grind, it does not cause damage.)

Drinking dark liquids.

Are you a coffee lover? Is red wine your beverage of choice? While the occasional sip of one of these beverages is not overly worrisome, drinking either on a regular basis will lead to discolored veneers. Though the veneers themselves may be resistant to staining, the cement that holds them to your teeth may absorb color and lead to a yellowed look.

Try switching your current beverage addiction for a new one. If you're a coffee lover, see if light-colored, herbal tea suits your fancy. If you're a red wine drinker, find a good white to make your new go-to.

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