3 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Looking your best each day is sure to depend a great deal on your smile. You will want to feel confident in your appearance, and the key to doing so is by having teeth that you're proud of sharing with others. In fact, a study completed in 2012 indicates that 86% of people would rather have whiter teeth. If you're considering getting your teeth professionally whitened, there are certain things you should know in advance.

The Process

Your dentist will examine your mouth and create plastic molds that will fit precisely to your teeth. This will allow for the whitening process to be completed with optimal results.

Once the molds have been created, your dentist will fill these with a hydrogen peroxide that is the highest allowable concentrate and place these on your teeth. These will be left in place for a certain amount of time and when removed your teeth should be much whiter.

In most cases, your dentist will allow you to take the molds home with you and the whitening gel to continue this process on your own for maintenance.

The Costs

Getting your teeth professionally whitened will cost more than purchasing a kit and doing it yourself. However, the results are typically much more noticeable and immediate.

The average cost of professional whitening is $500–$700, and this will vary based on your location. Additionally, most dental insurance plans won't cover this expense because it's cosmetic.

The Facts

It's ideal to know additional information when it comes to getting your teeth whitened, and some facts regarding this process are listed below:

  1. Dental crowns, fillings or bridges will not be affected by the whitening process and will remain the same color because of the dental work that was completed to your natural teeth.
  2. The results won't be permanent, and you'll need to do routine maintenance.
  3. If you're allergic to peroxide, you may want to avoid getting a professional whitening completed.
  4. If you have extremely sensitive gums, you may want to talk to your dental professional before scheduling an appointment for this procedure.

Being able to have a whiter smile can affect your confidence level and increase your overall positive outlook on life. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Daniel Savini DDS today to begin this process and feel better about your smile. You may simply be amazed at the difference in your teeth that you will see!