Four Tips For Wearing Braces

When you visit your orthodontist and they recommend putting you in braces, you may find yourself being slightly embarrassed by your change in appearance. However, in the end, you will have a straight smile that can help to improve any speech impediments, over bites, and self-confidence. Just be sure that while you are wearing the braces, you listen to the following tips:

  1. Use Orthodontic Wax: Whenever you feel something poking you, whether it be the wire or the actual brackets, you will want to put orthodontic wax over it. This is going to prevent other areas of your mouth from becoming injured and it will make wearing the braces more comfortable when you need it. Be sure that you carry orthodontic wax with you where ever you go. 
  2. Fix Broken Brackets: If a bracket ever becomes loose or broken, you will want to call and schedule an appointment with your orthodontist right away. They will be able to fix the bracket and ensure that you are able to wear the braces like normal again. If you wait too long to have the bracket fixed, it can delay the process of fixing your teeth, which means you may have to wear the braces longer than you planned on. 
  3. Use a Mouthguard When Needed: Whenever you participate in any sports activities, you must be sure that you wear a mouth guard. Not only will this protect your teeth, but it will prevent the braces from becoming damaged, as well. Damage to braces due to physical activity is one of the more common reasons to experience a broken or loose bracket. 
  4. Avoid Smoking: A good time to kick the habit of smoking is when you are ready to fix your smile with braces. This is because if you continue to smoke while you have braces, it can discolor your teeth significantly and unevenly. This is because the part of your smile that is covered by the brackets of the braces will prevent the discoloration from occurring here while the exposed areas will be subject to the discoloration. You should also avoid drinking a large amount of coffee and red wine, which can also stain the teeth unevenly when you are wearing braces. 

By following these four tips while you have braces, you can be sure that the end result is a straight and white smile. You can also expect the process to take the same amount of time that your orthodontist originally provided when you first had the braces put on.