3 Common Dental Problems For Meth Users

You may have seen pictures of what is known as "meth mouth," or you might have suffered from severe dental issues due to your own drug use. However, other than knowing that the teeth certainly don't look like they are supposed to, you might not realize what is really going on in the average meth user's mouth. These are a few common dental problems for individuals who use drugs like meth, particularly those who use them regularly.

1. Gum Infection and Disease

One of the most prevalent problems when it comes to "meth mouth" is gum infection and disease. From living a high-stress lifestyle, not enjoying a proper diet and not participating in regular dental hygiene, many drug users develop gum infections and gum disease. Then, since many do not attempt to treat this infection or disease or are unable to do so, the problem only gets worse. This can lead to inflamed gums, plaque along the gum line and other issues. It can also cause bad breath and can lead to tooth decay.

2. Broken Teeth

Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth, but those who are under the influence of drugs are often more likely to do so. When you pair that with teeth that aren't healthy or that aren't being properly cared for, it can be the recipe for disaster and can result in teeth that break off. Once teeth are broken, the remaining part of each tooth can begin to change colors due to root damage as well.

3. Decaying Teeth

A poor diet combined with poor dental care, along with potential gum disease, can cause teeth to decay. What could ordinarily be fixed with a simple filling is often ignored, which causes the problem to get worse and worse. This can lead to teeth that fall out completely or that show the signs of serious decay.

These are three of the main dental issues that can become a problem for those who use meth and other drugs. If you have a drug problem or are recovering from one and want to get your teeth back in order, you will need to see a dental professional, like Christopher L. Schneider, DMD. Then, your dental professional can work with you on a restoration plan that can help you get your teeth back in order. This might include pulling damaged teeth, giving you fillings, treating gum disease and more. Then, your dentist can work on things to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, such as with dental bonding, veneers, dentures or other options.