Adults: Think You're Too Old For Braces? Talk To Your Orthodontist About These Options

When you think about braces, you might picture pre-teens and teenagers who rock "metal mouths" to straighten up their teeth before adulthood. If you are an adult who has never had braces, however, you could dream of having straight teeth one day.

Unfortunately, many adults fear that they are too old to wear braces. A lot of adults feel as if they will have a hard time in their social and professional lives if they wear traditional metal braces, but this doesn't mean that you should resign yourself to a life with imperfect teeth. Instead, try talking to your orthodontist about these options to find out what's best for straightening your pearly whites.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many young adults and adults alike. They offer the same results as traditional braces, but the good thing about them is that they are practically invisible. You don't have to worry about having brightly-colored, shiny metal in your mouth, nor do you have to worry about eye-catching braces bands. Instead, you can wear clear braces that will be quite difficult to see. You can also easily remove them at any time, so if you do feel self-conscious about them, you can remove them before having your picture taken or hosting a presentation at the office. Clear braces aren't the best choice for everyone because they can't repair all of the dental issues that metal braces can fix, but they are definitely something to talk to your orthodontist about.


For adults who don't want to wear braces and who want better-looking teeth now, veneers can be a fabulous option. Your cosmetic dentist will have to put your veneers on for you, which will be done by filing down your natural teeth and placing a tooth-colored, thin veneer in front. Although you will not be repairing your permanent teeth, a good veneer job can last for a long time and can give you the appearance of a flawless smile. This type of procedure is typically done by a cosmetic dentist, but your family orthodontist can talk to you about whether or not it's a good option for your teeth.

As an adult, you might fear that you will be stuck with an unsightly smile forever if you don't opt for metal braces. Luckily, this isn't true. These are a couple of adult-friendly options that you can speak to your orthodontist about.